On April 9, the BPU reported on the water main replacement project currently taking place on Main street.

If you missed that write up, you could read that here.

Due to the efficiency of crews in completing their work on South Main, it was announced on Monday, May 4, that BPU water crews would proceed with the 100 block of North Main.  Since COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted over the month of May for businesses, the decision to move right now did not come lightly. The determination came after several conversations with the individual businesses that would be affected.

Although businesses will be allowed to resume, the consensus was that it will likely be slow over the next several weeks, therefore, making now a more ideal time for BPU to complete the project.

Preliminary work will begin at the intersection of Marlin and Main; once that is completed, the east side of the 100 block of North Main will be blocked off, and construction will begin. The BPU plans to start the preliminary work the week of May 11 and complete the east side on or before the week of June 15.  The westside of that block will need to be completed as well; however, depending on how activity picks up for the Main street businesses, that portion of the street may be postponed to a later date.  The decision regarding when to begin with the westside will come after discussion with the businesses who would be affected.