Besides saving money on your energy bills each month, there are a number of reasons why conserving electricity is a good idea.

One of the biggest motivators people have for conserving electricity is the accumulated savings in their energy bills at the end of the year. There are other reasons why conserving electricity is important beyond the impact on your wallet.

The McPherson Board of Public Utilities is committed to helping our customers conserve energy and in turn, save money.

Ways to start conserving energy and saving on your electric bill:

Look for the ENERGY STAR label whenever you shop
The ENERGY STAR program doesn’t just apply to appliances. It covers over 60 product categories. Using ENERGY STAR products will help you live a more energy-efficient lifestyle, save money, reduce emissions, and eliminate wasted energy.
Get an energy audit
Find out where your home or facility is wasting energy and learn how you can live a greener lifestyle by making some changes in your home/ facilities performance.  There are a variety of qualified contractors who can help you improve your energy performance and reduce your carbon emissions: energy specialists, heating and cooling contractors, air sealing contractors, and insulation contractors.
Plant some deciduous trees
Reduce your heating and cooling costs with an energy-efficient landscape design.
Reduce your impact with solar products
There are lots of outdoor solar options that will benefit your home and garden and eliminate energy costs. Consider replacing your existing water fountain with a solar option, or install solar flood lights to light up a large outdoor area at night.
Use natural light for your day-to-day activities
Whenever possible, don’t flip on a light switch; use natural light coming from windows or skylights when reading, cooking, or performing other tasks around the house.