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The municipally-owned McPherson Board of Public Utilities has provided safe, dependable water and electric services to the residents and industry of McPherson and the surrounding area for close to 50 years.  Today, the McPherson BPU services nearly 8,644 customers—7,087 residential and 1,557 commercial/industrial—with both electrical and water services.

The BPU has a peak demand of 149 Megawatts and in total, our 4 gas turbine generators have the capacity to generate more than 235 megawatts of electricity.  In addition to that, the McPherson BPU operates and coordinates its own distribution lines.

BPU offers virtually unlimited capacity and unbeatable reliability with a SAIDI Rating (System Average Interruption Duration Index) of 30.25 (99.99%) through a redundant electric system.  McPherson BPU customers have the benefit of stable and competitive rates through an interconnect agreement with Westar Energy where McPherson BPU serves as  Westar’s  on-call peak generation provider.

BPU is 70 employees strong and all share a commitment to keeping customer utilities reliable 24/7. Our primary focus has always been, and remains, the satisfaction of its customers and a commitment to the quality of life in the communities it serves.

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