Ways to conserve water and save money on your bill:

Take shorter showers– Limit showers to the time it takes to lather up, wash down and rinse. A running shower can waste 3-7 gallons per minute.
Turn off the tap-Running the water while brushing teeth and shaving can waste hundreds of gallons every month.
Upgrade to an efficient clothes washing machine– High-efficiency clothes washers can reduce water and energy use by 40%.
Wash only full laundry loads-You don’t need to do laundry every day. Wait until you have a full load of laundry to run the washing machine and you’ll save on water, wastewater and energy costs.
Don’t water the pavement– Position sprinkler heads to water lawns and gardens to make sure the spray does not run over to the concrete.
Also, be sure to check for broken sprinkler heads, drip emitters or irrigation tubing. Broken sprinkler heads waste water and can potentially damage your landscape. Inspect your sprinkler heads at least once a month.

More water saving tips.