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McPherson BPU 2019 Water Rate Adjustments

At their December 3rd, 2018 board meeting, The Board voted to implement a 6% water rate adjustment effective January 1, 2019, for all customers.  The rate adjustment follows the recommendations of a cost of service study performed by Burns and McDonnell.  The increased revenue is necessary to offset inflation, fund replacement of old water mains, [...]

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2018 BPU Service Award Recipients

BPU General Manager Tim Maier recognized several employees celebrating employment milestones with the BPU during the McPherson City Commission meeting that took place on October 29th, 2018. "We are only as successful as our team, and we are fortunate to have an outstanding team", stated Maier. Congratulations to the following employees for your years of [...]

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The McPherson Board of Public Utilities Welcomes Josh Bedel as the Incoming Assistant General Manager

The McPherson Board of Public Utilities announced and welcomed Josh Bedel as the incoming Assistant General Manager.  Bedel will support Tim Maier, the General Manager by providing management and professional engineering work on activities associated with the BPU’s water and electric systems operation, planning, and development.   Bedel who started on June 18th, 2018 will officially [...]

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Assistant General Manger, Mark Wurm Announces Retirement

In February 2018 BPU’s Assistant General Manager, announced he would retire at the end of 2018. “We have a great community in McPherson, and BPU is a very important part of McPherson’s success.  Our infrastructure and equipment is very well maintained and more importantly, our employees are BPU’s greatest asset. I have appreciated everyone’s high [...]

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The McPherson BPU Announces Key Personnel Changes

2018 has proved to be a year of change as three long-tenured and well-respected leaders announced their retirements. Mark Wurm, Assistant General Manager announced he would retire at the end of 2018, see release.  He will be replaced with Josh Bedel, read that announcement here. Joe Border who served as BPU’s Substation Superintendent since 1999, announced [...]

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Request for Updated Contact Information

We would like for customers to know that we will be implementing a new Outage Management System later this year. With accurate contact information on file, our customers can ensure easier and quicker outage reporting and recognition through our automated system. To aid in the process, the BPU will be holding a drawing for a [...]

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The City of McPherson Appoints Rodger A. Swanson to the BPU Board of Directors

The Board of Public Utilities is pleased to announce the appointment of Rodger A. Swanson to fill the Board of Directors seat vacated by Vern Dossett. His appointment by Mayor Tom Brown was approved by the City Commission and made effective May 7, 2018. Mr. Swanson is a life-long resident of McPherson and a graduate [...]

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BPU Working to Enhance Lakeside Park and Ensure Public Safety

In early July, the McPherson BPU embarked on the first phase of what will be, a three-phase project. This project would address the lights in and around Lakeside Park as well as how electricity is fed into the park. “ We needed to make this investment for several reasons; the number one reason being public [...]

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