From February 26th through February 28th, BPU’s General Manager, Josh Bedel, attended the American Public Power Association’s (APPA) Legislative Rally in Washington, D.C. Bedel was joined by 12 other Kansas municipal leaders to advocate for public utilities.

The group had an opportunity to meet on Capitol Hill with congressional offices to discuss six topics that have been the key issues facing utilities and communities. Key issues included:

  • Infrastructure Funding
  • Supply Chain Disruptions
  • Cyber & Physical Security
  • Energy Permitting & Regulatory Reform
  • State Revolving Funding for Water and Wastewater

Besides The McPherson Board of Public Utilities, other Utilities or organizations that participated in the Legislative Rally were the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities, Clay Center Public Utilities Commission, KPP Energy, City of Burlington, Kansas Municipal Energy Agency, City of Garden City, City of Russell, City of Hillsboro, City of Winfield, Kansas Municipal Utilities.

The conference offered unrivaled learning and networking opportunities for leaders in various areas of utility business and operations.