McPherson BPU General Manager, Josh Bedel, was recently named Vice-Chair for the Equus-Walnut Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) by the Kansas Water Authority (KWA). Bedel will serve a two-year term which will continue through June 30, 2025. The Equus-Walnut RAC is located in south-central Kansas and covers eleven counties consisting of members representing all water users, including public water supply, municipal, agricultural, industrial, and the public at large.

Within his role as Vice-Chair, Bedel will help lead meetings throughout the year to discuss the vital needs of the region, and to address water resource issues and what projects would most address those needs. Bedel noted, “Sustainable use of groundwater within the Equus-Walnut Region is a priority of the RAC. It’s an honor to not only lead this effort through BPU’s South Well Field Project, but also through collaboration with the diverse membership of the RAC to ensure the region’s needs are meet.”

The KWA is responsible for advising the Governor, Legislature and Director of the Kansas Water Office on water policy issues and for approving the Kansas Water Plan, federal contracts, administration regulations and legislation proposed by the KWO. The KWA provides the leadership to ensure that water policies and programs address the needs of all Kansans.

Please help us congratulate Josh Bedel on this vice-chair appointment.