The first week of August turned out to be pretty exciting for BPU crews! The storm that affected the central Kansas region on August 5th disrupted power for over 3,000 customers. It also took out 14 poles on BPU’s 115kv transmission line along 17th Street. Crews worked all night and day and not only had all power restored by Monday but were able to get the 115kv transmission line rebuilt and back in operation as well. This involved the replacement of the 14- power poles that stretched nearly a mile and ranged from 70’-90′ in height. Shout-out to our partners at Evergy for supporting our contract needs with Capitol Electric Line Builders to assist with this rebuild! If that wasn’t enough excitement, strong thunderstorms again plagued the area on Wednesday the 9th. Thankfully outages from that storm were minor. There were seven outages, which affected about 70 customers, all of which were restored quickly. The BPU would like to thank our customers for their patience and support while they worked to get power restored!