The McPherson Board of Public Utilities delivers some of the lowest-cost and most reliable power and water in the State. However, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do as well as we do without our people. For this reason, we want to showcase those people who significantly impact our business and community with an “Employee Spotlight.”

On Monday, the 28th, it was announced that November’s Employee of the Month recipient was Dwight Crown. Dwight is a Senior Operator serving in the Power Plant Operations Department. Dwight has given the BPU an incredible forty-one years of service!!! Before becoming an official employee, Dwight served as a summer intern for five summers!

Dwight grew up in McPherson and has been around the BPU for most of his life as a second-generation employee. His Father, Milan Crown, served the BPU for 33 years. Dwight enjoys playing golf, woodworking, traveling and spending time with his family outside of work.
Dwight had fond memories of his Father working at the BPU and grew up knowing its reputation as a great place to work. So, applying for official employment came naturally for him. Over his forty-one years (and five summers), he has garnered many great friendships, which he says is his favorite part of his job. When asked what he’d tell anyone considering coming to work at the BPU, he’d say to them, “It is a great place to work; you will learn so much about the water and electric industry, plus you will learn how to take on and handle a lot of responsibility.”

“Dwight has dedicated 41 years to serving the McPherson community. As a Power Plant Operator, Dwight works when most people are sleeping or enjoying the weekend off with their families. The BPU’s Power Plant Operations department manages our 24/7/365 power generation fleet and outage response center, and Dwight has been part of this group since he joined BPU in 1981. The BPU greatly appreciates this testament of commitment and overall sacrifice from Dwight and his family. So when you’re enjoying Saturday morning cartoons or Thanksgiving dinner with family, take a second to pause and acknowledge the power plant workers like Dwight that are unselfishly working to keep the lights on so you can have that family moment.” Stated Josh Bedel, General Manager.