Today the BPU honored twelve of its employees for their years of dedicated service! General Manager Josh Bedel presented service awards to employees across six departments.
Office: (Customer Service, IT, and Engineering) Samantha Archer- celebrates five years of service, and Lee Burgess and Chris Unruh celebrate 20 years of service.
The Power Plant Operations: Jeff Crist celebrates 25 years of service.
The Power Plant Maintenance Department: Jeff Clark and Steve Plenert celebrate 15 years of service, and Gunner Peterson celebrates 30 years of service!
Warehouse- Electric Department: Johnny Jarvis celebrates five years, Jason Mead Celebrates 15 years, and Jim Wenderott celebrates 40 years of service!
Warehouse-Water Department: Tony Wedel celebrates five years of service.
Warehouse- Substation Department: Todd Parsons celebrates 15 years of service!
Thank you to these employees for their dedication to the McPherson Board of Public Utilities.