Water Meter Upgrades

On May 26th, BPU will begin exchanging current water meters with new AMI meters.

These meters utilize the same radio technology as the electric meters that were upgraded recently. BPU will attempt to notify the homeowner before they start the work by knocking on the customer’s door; however, if there is no answer, BPU will complete the work and leave a notice on the customer’s door.

Below, you will find just a few of the benefits of AMI Water Meters:

  1. Provide Timely Notification of Leaks. The new AMI meters will provide customers and BPU with around-the-clock readings and alert them to anomalies that would indicate a leak. Also, give customers access to real-time data to see changes in water usage as they occur and monitor established usage patterns.
  2. Remote Meter Readings. The new AMI meters provide meter readings. Without physically visiting your home every month, customers will no longer have to worry about unlocking gates or restraining pets.
  3. Supports Water Conservation Efforts. Customers will be able to view their daily water consumption online, allowing them to monitor their usage and improve conservation goals.
  4. Service efficiency. The new AMI meters will allow customers to receive more efficient services. Since customers will have access to their usage, they can become proactive participants with the BPU with any water usage concerns as they happen.

If any customer needs to make special arrangements due to safety concerns, please call 620-245-2560.
The image accompanying this article is a map of where work will begin on May 26th.

The BPU would like to extend its gratitude in advance for helping them complete this project quickly and with minimal interruption to its customers. This technology upgrade will work to provide better, more responsive service.

May 25th, 2022|News & Updates, Uncategorized|

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