On December 6th, 2019, the BPU announced that it would proceed with the South Well-field development as an additional water supply for McPherson. Read that announcement HERE. Recently the BPU has seen an increase in customer inquiries concerning the extent of the proposed rate increase to fund the project. It is apparent that there is some misconception as to the amount of the increase due to the spread of misinformation; therefore, the BPU wanted to make an additional announcement in hopes to provide some clarity and alleviate any concern.


These rate increases are expected to be stretched over about a four-year period and projected to cause the average residential customer to see approximately a $17 dollar per month total increase on their water bill. The adjustments for this project will only affect the water portion of the monthly bill.  While rate adjustments are at-hand, they are only expected to be at 48% over 2019’s rates vs. the 400% which has been rumored.


McPherson’s primary water source, the Equus Beds, has been monitored for years and have seen significant a decline in the last ten years. With the projected community growth, it was deemed critical that the BPU go forward in developing the South Wellfield as an additional water source.

For additional questions regarding the project or to learn how these increases may affect your individual bill, please contact us at 620-245-2515.