BPU Crews are moving along at a fantastic clip!

As of today, July 7th, 2020, crews are happy to report that they are ahead of schedule. Tonight the BPU will begin their second set of calls to customers who will be affected by next week’s work.

This notice gives customers approximately a five-day lead-time to make the necessary arrangements to have their pets restrained and their gates unlocked from 7 AM to 4 PM. These weekly notification calls will typically occur on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 5–8 PM to the affected area.

If any customer needs to make special arrangements due to safety concerns, please call 620-245-2560. In addition to the weekly calls, the BPU will knock on the customer’s door the day of the meter exchange.

The image that accompanies this article is a map of where Crews will be working the week of July 13th.

The BPU would like to extend its gratitude in advance for helping them complete this project quickly and with minimal interruption to its customers. This technology upgrade will work to provide better, more responsive service.