On June 12th, 2019, Johns Manville announced its plan to build its new Climate Pro® line. Read that press release HERE

To support the electrical needs of the new line, JM leadership requested that BPU design and construct two additional power feeds from the existing BPU JM 35KV Substation.

Engineering and design efforts began shortly after the expansion announcement in 2019. Most recently, BPU crews broke ground inside their substation on January 10, 2020. The two new feeds from BPU’s existing substation will be used to feed two large power transformers located closer to the JM plant. Doing this will provide JM’s operation with the additional power required for the expansion and give them an added layer of reliability to meet their production needs.

As with most BPU projects, our skilled electric and maintenance crews will perform most of the work. The project is expected to complete Q3/Q4 2020.

BPU will be ready to meet additional system needs through the addition of the new Mohawk Substation. Read about the Mohawk substation project HERE.