The McPherson Board of Public Utilities would like to introduce its newest employee, Harry, affectionately called “Scary Harry” as the incoming Water Tower Defendant. This highly visible and newly established position was created to act as the first line of defense against the evil turkey buzzards that come in and threaten McPherson’s water supply with their filth. These unwanted guests show up every April and stay through October, completely uninvited. Their favorite hangouts, second only to a certain well-known local watering hole, are the BPU water towers.

The investment in Harry has helped save the BPU money as the damages caused by these birds is quite extensive.  “ We have a  plan; In the short time Harry has been here, he has made great contributions to the BPU by scaring off these birds. We are actually planning to hire another water tower defendant in the next few weeks”, stated BPU’s Superintendent of Electric Production/NERC Compliance Coordinator.

Harry’s first mission has been in protecting the “Dillon’s Water Tower”; however, he may be reassigned wherever he is needed most. Although his agile moves are intimidating especially to birds, he is actually quite friendly. Next time you see him please feel free to wave at him or challenge him to a dance-off. He absolutely loves his job and the role he plays in serving our customers!