BPU’s reputation for high service and reliability is dependent upon its system. For this reason, the utility takes great pride in caring for its infrastructure; when necessary, the BPU will invest in the appropriate upgrades.
During some routine capacity testing of the generator at Power Plant 2 it was discovered that the 7B duel fired (diesel and natural gas) combustion turbine output was not what it should be. Also, second stage turbine temperatures were above the recommended levels; the first stage turbine blades or “buckets” were the suspected cause of these issues. Under the direction of Gunner Peterson, BPU’s Superintendent of Power Plant Maintenance BPU crews dismantled and replaced all 92 of the turbine’s buckets with new buckets which will provide better airflow for the unit. The BPU is hopeful that this will restore the generator’s capacity. While the unit was dismantled, the crews took time to meticulously clean each of the thousands of pieces that comprise the 44-year-old generator. Due to the critical nature of this project, the BPU solicited guidance from a GE technician as well as from their Power Plant Consultant (a former GE engineer who was here for the initial install of the unit back in 1973). The project is suspected to be completed by mid- April.