One of three generators at BPU Power Plant 2 is having a major upgrade to the electrical equipment connecting the generator to the transmission system.  The project construction started October 3 and should finish up the week of October 17.  BPU is supplying all the labor for this project; it requires expertise of the Power Plant Electricians as well as the Maintenance and Substation Crews.

The bus duct, which is the electrical conductor between the generator and the step up transformer, is being replaced due to several recent failures with a duct of a better design and increased rating.

At the same time an interrupting device called a circuit switcher is being replaced.  This device protects the generator by breaking the circuit between the generator and the electric grid if a problem where to accrue.

Gas Turbine #3 can provide 50 MW of power which is enough to serve roughly 33% of BPU’s peak load.  The estimated cost for these system improvements is  $250,000.