In March we announced that the turbine at Power Plant 2 was undergoing some maintenance (click here to read that announcement).  While dismantling and cleaning each of the thousands of pieces that comprise the 43-year-old generator, it was found that the dovetails on the turbine’s rotor were out of tolerance.  Because of how precise the tolerances need to be to ensure the highest reliability, BPU opted to send it to the specialty shops of the piece’s vendor, General Electric.  The 28,000 lb rotor started its 643-mile journey to Houston, Tx on April 16th, 2016  by truck.  The rotor is so large it required a 65-ton crane to move it.  BPU received the piece back on June 21st and wasted no time getting it put back together.  The generator is expected to go back online the second week of July.