BPU Customers be on alert!

Scammers are aggressively targeting homes and businesses in McPherson, demanding payment via money cards and threatening disconnection if payment isn’t made immediately. DON’T FALL FOR IT!

Today one of our commercial customers in McPherson received a call from someone stating they were a manager at the Board of Public and that they were late on their payment; they would have their service shut off unless the customer paid immediately. The scammer suggested that the easiest and fastest way for our customer to get their account paid would be to go to Dillon’s and purchase a prepaid debit card.

If anyone ever calls and claims to be with the McPherson Board of Public Utilities, and demands payment immediately, HANG UP and call the BPU at (620) 245-2515 to ask questions about anyone contacting you about your bill or claiming to be from the McPherson BPU.

Be aware and remember these tips:
• Never give anyone personal information, such as your social security number (including the numbers on the back of your social security card), bank account number or credit card number and never purchase and send a prepaid card to someone, unless you initiated the conversation and you are confident the transaction is legitimate.
• If you receive a call from someone claiming to be with your utility company asking for payment, hang up and call the utility’s customer service number. BPU customers can email us or call (620) 245-2515.
• If you have already provided information to someone making this offer, contact your bank and the three national credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, immediately.
• If someone pressures you to provide personal or financial information, hang up right away. Notify the police department at (620) 245-1200.
• Check on elderly relatives and friends, often targets of such schemes, to make sure they have not fallen victim to this fraud.

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