The 2014 Children’s Water Festival will be held on the campus of McPherson College, 1600 E. Euclid St., on October 10, 2014. This annual festival is co-sponsored by the McPherson Board of Public Utilities, Cargill and McPherson College.

In Central Kansas, a large share of the water we drink comes from groundwater. Contamination of the groundwater can occur without proper education and prevention. The Water Festival is intended to inform children that being good stewards of the aquifer we draw water from today will make a difference in keeping groundwater safe and plentiful in the years to come.

Our Festival Committee is comprised of representatives from the McPherson Board of Public Utilities, McPherson County Conservation District, 4-H education leaders, Cargill-Nutrena and local citizens.

The Children’s Water Festival is a daylong event targeting fourth grade students. When the students arrive at the Festival, they are greeted by CW Frog (Clean Water Frog), the Festival Mascot.

Students participate in hands-on learning activities emphasizing the geology of the aquifer, landfill construction, the water cycle, water well construction, and many other fun, educational water-based activities. Presenters include representatives from the State of Kansas, employees of various statewide water agencies and local community and industrial leaders. Nearly 100 volunteers participate the day of the Festival to ensure a fun, educational experience for those attending.

There is no cost to students or school districts to attend the Water Festival, which is funded by local industry and community organizations. We believe that educating our youth today will assist in protecting our water supply for future generations.

For more information, contact us at 620-245-2525 or email –