February 10th, 2016

Contacts:Tim Maier, BPU General Manager, 620-245-2532
Mark Wurm, BPU Assistant General Manager, 620-245-2533

McPherson, Ks – McPherson BPU’s management announced today that they have signed an agreement to purchase 30MW of renewable Kansas wind energy. This announcement follows their November 6th press release stating they would be seeking RFP’s for up to 20 MW of renewable energy. Submissions were due by December 15th. BPU General Manager, Tim Maier said, “we received over 20 competitive offers, however, the most attractive proposal was from their energy partners at Westar Energy,” who made the announcement on December 31st that they were expanding their wind power portfolio with Kingman wind farm. The City of McPherson has enjoyed an interconnected partnership with Westar Energy since the 1960’s (then Kansas Power & Light) where the McPherson BPU agrees to serve as an on-call peak provider for Westar and in return, receive the opportunity to purchase wholesale electricity. This contract was recently extended to 2039. McPherson’s competitive and reliable rates are credited, in large part, to their relationship with Westar.

BPU said the primary driver in the decision to add renewables to their portfolio is that they understand customers are paying closer attention to their ecological footprint. “We know that a stronger emphasis has been placed on performance metrics measuring energy efficiency and sustainability practices for many of our large industrial customers. They are expected not only to meet environmental standards but to exceed them. The McPherson BPU wants to support customer renewability, sustainability, and efficiency efforts and to be considered more of a partner in our customer’s green initiatives”, says BPU Key Account Manager, Kasi Morales.

“Right now nearly all of the BPU’s purchased energy comes from fossil fuels. McPherson’s goal is to diversify its energy sources and given the favorable price of renewable energy, this is a good time to do that,” stated Tim Maier, BPU General Manager. BPU increased the amount of the renewable purchase to 30 MW from 20 MW. BPU expects roughly 15% of their energy supply will now come from this clean and renewable resource.

Maier said, “present rates will not change; adding this renewable resource will not compromise BPU’s competitive and stable rate structure.” Delivery of the renewable energy is expected to be in 2017.